Welcome to West Valley's Virtual Learning Center

The Virtual Learning Center is an 100% online learning program led by highly-qualified West Valley certificated teachers. Utilizing curriculum from K-12 Stride, VLC staff develop learning plans for each student, evaluate student work, track progress on a variety of measures and help students find success in the program. Just like a traditional school setting, there is no cost for the family. In addition, the districts provides all curriculum, materials and technology for VLC students. 
Any WVSD student in grades K-8 is eligible to apply for enrollment in the Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) which is housed at Seth Woodard Elementary.  Students who live outside of the West Valley School District are also encouraged to apply as the program recently gained approval to accept students from across the state of Washington.  
Click the links on the right menu to find out more specifics of the program. Contact us today to see how your student can explore his/her unique path to learning!