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Welcome to West Valley Virtual Learning Center

How it Works at West Valley Virtual Learning Center

WV Virtual Learning Center is an Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) 100% online learning program led by highly qualified West Valley Certificated Teachers who will develop learning plans for each student, evaluate students work, track student progress on a variety of academic measures, and make the final determination of student success in the program.
Any WVSD student in grades K-8 is eligible to apply for enrollment.  Students who live outside of the West Valley School District will be accepted based on availability.  Appropriate CHOICE paperwork will be required to fill out prior to enrollment.
There is no cost!  All curriculum, materials, and technology are provided for students. 

While students have access to their online school account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, students are required to attend school following the district calendar during regular school hours - approximately 9:00-3:30 Monday-Friday when teachers are available to support their learning. Teachers set the times for online live instructional sessions and students are required to attend these sessions which are easy to access directly from the student calendar in the online school.   Parents should help their child(ren) create a personalized schedule to complete online lessons and offline work that works best for them around those live sessions. Consider completing subjects that may be more challenging early in the day when the student is fresh.  Saving art projects, hands-on activities, and science experiments for later in the afternoon may work well for some students.  In this way, families can personalize the daily learning for each student, plan breaks in the day, and determine where the learning happens so long as an internet connection is available.  Explore A Day in the Life for a behind-the-scenes look at how it works.


The amount of time spent in online lessons live instructional sessions, and completing work offline varies based on the grade level of the student.


See example schedules below for grades K-5 and 6-8.

Virtual Learning Center Commitment by Grade
Top 5 reasons to join VLC
  1. Study with highly qualified, dedicated, caring WVSD certified teachers.
  2. Learn from the safety of your home with reduced distractions and increased parent involvement.
  3. Build close and supportive teacher/student/caregiver relationships for improved student learning.
  4. Use rigorous online curriculum and exceptional learning support tools.
  5. Interact with teachers and classmates daily and attend optional social opportunities online and in-person.