West Valley Virtual Learning Center FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions
Parents will receive a parent login to monitor the progress of all their students in one place.  From the parent account all curriculum, calendar events, assignment due dates, and grade books are accessible as well as an internal email system to communicate directly with teachers.  It is very important that parents log in daily to check for any messages from the teachers and see what work the student has completed or still needs to do. There is also a K12 Appthat allows you quickly track student progress and contact school staff. 
VLC offers personalized learning for students of all abilities.  For a student with a current IEP, a special education case manager will work with the parent and team to review the IEP during the registration process and determine whether IEP goals can be met in this setting , and then determine how best to deliver those services.
The VLC is open to students of all abilities. Students in Alternative Learning Experience schools have an Individualized Learning Plan which customizes the courses and learning goals for every student. For highly capable students, this typically means placing students into a course or multiple courses that are above their current grade level, and at the middle school gives students the opportunity to take classes that earn high school credit early.
Shared enrollment between VLC and our WVSD neighborhood schools is possible in the instance a student is interested in band, choir or strings at the middle school level. The maximum number of classes a student can take is six. Please note that due to bussing schedules, the parent would need to provide transportation to the neighborhood school for the class periods the student would need to be on campus.
No. All students enrolled at VLC will be full-time WVSD students taking 6 classes.
Resident WVSD students may participate in their neighborhood school events, extracurricular activities, clubs, and athletics.  There are also online clubs available to students who wish to participate.
Daily attendance is required following the published school district calendar. Attendance includes logging into the online school and completing assigned lessons as well as attending any live sessions scheduled by the teacher.
Students at VLC are assessed just like all the other students enrolled in our district. There are regular lesson and unit assessments built into the curriculum. Additionally, i-Ready benchmark assessments are administered in the Fall, Winter, and Spring for students in K-8. All students complete the Smarter Balanced State Assessment in grades 3-8.
Chromebooks are provided for each student enrolled in VLC. Some basic computer and internet skills are required for students and Learning Coaches. We provide information on how to set up your accounts and the program is user-friendly. We also have technical help available if you have questions.

“Remote Learning” in WVSD was developed specifically in response to the COVID Pandemic and the need to close school buildings, but still educate our students. While students worked from a home setting, instruction and learning were a continuation of what would typically happen in the classroom if buildings were open. The School District adopted curriculum for the traditional classroom was adapted by staff for students to use while working remotely.


VLC is an Online School option in the district for students who thrive in the online environment and is a robust academic experience that does not try to replicate the traditional classroom experience, but rather provides students access to an innovative, interactive, online curriculum designed to be delivered in a virtual learning environment.

In traditional homeschooling, parents choose the curricula, set the schedule, and hold primary responsibility for instructing their children. Students attending VLC are attending regular public school from the home setting. Like any other public school, the district sets the calendar and daily schedule, chooses the curricula, and district teachers are responsible for instructing students and measuring student achievement.
Enrollment is currently open! To express your interest and be notified when enrollment is available, please complete our VLC Interest Form.