K-8 Virtual Program at VLC

What courses will my student take?
West Valley Virtual Learning Center uses courses from K-12 Stride (the program used by Washington Virtual Academy).  The program is aligned to the same learning standards as the curriculum used in our build classrooms.
Elementary students take all core courses including English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and PE.
Middle School students take English Language Arts, Math, Science, History, PE and have the option of electives courses that interest them.
What instructional materials are provided?
Each student will be issued an account to log in to the Online School to access all of the coursework.  All required textbooks and course materials are provided and mailed directly to the student.  Additionally, students are issued a Chromebook.
What do the student learning platforms look like?
chromebook  pic2   pic3   Login - Stride Learning Solutions   Login - Stride Learning Solutions
Is it possible to be enrolled at VLC and take some classes with my neighborhood school?
West Valley Virtual Learning Center offers a full course offering of core and elective courses at every grade level.  If a course is already offered at VLC, it may not be taken as a shared enrollment with a building. For example, 4th-grade math will need to be taken through VLC.
However, some courses are best learned in person due to the hands-on nature of the content, and shared enrollment with your WVSD neighborhood school is possible.
IEP Teams may determine that sharing services between VLC and the neighborhood school are needed.